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absolutely amazing

Oh my god I adored this cartoon

We must build a wall

icyentertainment responds:

I agree, we should build a wall! Donald Trump is the best candidate and can obliterate Bernie Sanders in a general election. Why the zero stars? That makes me very flaccid.

Okay... this is objectively hilarious.

Genuinely great ending and tribute to an internet phenomenon that was tragically cut short.

What a dementedly disturbed little film we got here. Loved every second of it.

I can appreciate this.

This is a goddamn enigma that I'll never be able to comprehend or appreciate without potentially dropping a significant portion of my brain cells.

Keep up the good work Newgrounds.

WilliamBGoode responds:

Dude most of us already lost those brain cells from extended drug use in Highschool. Red is a good color. I like red. Orange is bad BAAD ORANGE BAAAD. Anyway, thanks for the review bud! It really means a lot to us!

The production quality here is spectacular, nothing short of fantastic. It's visual ecstasy and some of the best I've seen in terms of independent internet animation.

The story... yeah, I'm not so sure. Don't get me wrong, there's some charm here, but the general sense of comedy seems very inclusive and not accessible outside the Minecraft-loving teen demographic (granted that's probably your audience, but still). The drama is also a tad predictable and reeks of some of that Saturday morning cartoon cheesiness. I would suggest not following some of the generic screenwriting tropes if you're trying to tell a more riveting story.

I'd like to see what you would be capable of with a more original story and characters, because there's so much potential here for something so much greater. You already have an audience, and you've established what your interests are; use that to your advantage!

I'm not ripping on your ability to write stories or even your passion for Minecraft. I just think that there's an opportunity for something better that you're not quite tapping on, and I hope you do in the coming months, or years if you still have more of this for your audience.

Best of luck, Sam.

SamGreen responds:

Thanks man, I agree of course with everything you're saying. :) I hope I'm already on the path of some of the things you mentioned and it's people like yourself that reassure me it's truly possible to reach out for more originality and have the hard work pay off!

Let's hope we're both right...

Still one of the finest GG Animateds I've ever seen.

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