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Haha, nicely done! You really got the old-timey vibe without losing the Rick and Morty sort of humor. I would just say to not be afraid to exaggerate them more. There was a lot of rubber hose animation in the old days and I felt you missed some potential there. Nonetheless nice job!

Excellent use of Bird Person by the way.

Dude this was awesome! Really great art style. I was getting some good Adventure Time vines watching this.

Keep up the good work!

So friggin cool! I really wanna see the whole collab!

jessejayjones responds:

Thanks dude! Me too! The parts I've seen finished look awesome so far! :D

I adore your drawing style a LOT, but I felt the voice acting and writing were a bit weak. Nonetheless I liked it.

Blordow responds:

thx yea i couldn't give a hoot about da audio in this

4 out of 10

This gets an automatic 5 because of Brian Posehn.

A great end to a truly great series.

You can't do kickflips in space, silly.

Not bad at all! This kind of feels like a pilot made for Nickelodeon, and that's a compliment. Plus your style's nice and somewhat charming. I look forward to seeing what else you're capable of!

Ugh. The team here has plenty of potential to make something good, but there's nothing of substance here. Nothing makes it stand out among the rest of the many, many Pokemon parodies on this websites. The animation was polished well, and the fight sequences weren't too shabby, but the story and the voice acting were subpar.

And the female Pikachu being sexualized? Voiced by a male? And plenty of clipping in the voice acting mixing? That's what makes this worse than the other Pokemon parodies.

RetroSleep responds:

I never said that Pikachu was a female, males can't wear ribbons on there head and be called Mom?

Anyways I agree with you, we would love to make not parodies but this is a consumers market and we know what you want to consume.

Face Value Parodies.

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